About Us

Check Recovery Group comes from a dedicated group of individuals who wanted to change the reputation of the collections industry, and continue collections the right way. We successfully relieve customers across the United States of unwanted debt since our beginning in 2010.

Our offices have been established by experienced debt management and recovery specialists with extensive customer service experience, as well as the combined knowledge of over a century of collection expertise. The focus in our offices has always been to determine the best way to eliminate outstanding debt all while maintaining unparalleled industry leading customer service.

Each representative has been handpicked for their extensive knowledge of the industry, as well as being the top minds in the agencies they were acquired from. While most companies concentrate on one client, or type of debt our versatility sets us apart. We are flexible in the recovery of many types of debt available today as well as the considered types of debt to come in the future. We are confident that we can provide a swift recovery of debt while maintaining client and customer relations throughout and after the collection process. With the experience available we can assure customers and clients that this relationship will be devoid of the legal complaints and backlash of smaller and less reputable agencies.

Our training process in the art of customer service is applied to each representative no matter the overall experience in the industry to assure that they are up to date in laws and customer service in our state of the art training criteria and facility.

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3163 Delaware ave,
Kenmore NY. 14217